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10 Best Self Introduction Keynote Template

These professional self introduction Keynote templates are what you need to create a presentation today (with ease!).

A good introduction is important, it is the moment when you introduce who you are and show off your best quality, and why the audience should care. It’s a great opportunity to build a connection with your audience and to show them what makes you unique.

You’ve seen a lot of great presentations from other speakers. It can be hard to stand out in a crowd of great speakers, so you need a self-introduction keynote (or PowerPoint) to help you.

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Best Self Introduction Keynote Template

1. Business Resume CV Keynote Template

Business Resume CV Keynote Template, 30 unique slides

A resume/cv is boring, representing your resume/cv with slide effect will make it funny. Don’t spend time, just download this professional template and the rest of the time spend on preparation of your speech. 

2.  Minimal Resume CV Keynote Presentation

Resume CV PowerPoint Presentation, 25+ unique slides

Are you looking for an elegant, minimal self-introduction template? Minimal Resume CV Keynote Presentation is perfect for you, with a simple, contemporary but powerful design, this template will show you on another level.

3. Hendrix – CV Resume Keynote Template

Hendrix – CV Resume Keynote Template, 35 slides

Do you want to impress your audience? Why not try Hendrix Keynote template? Hendrix is a very professional, clean, modern and easy-to-use presentation template. It has an eye-catching color scheme and 35 unique slides, all of them are easy to replace images and fonts.

4. Resume Portfolio Keynote Presentation Template

Resume Portfolio is a pure, minimal self introduce presentation template for Keynote, it has an elegant design, and modern appearance, it is perfect for designers, freelancers, students or artists.

5. Resume Keynote for UX/UI Designer

As a designer, a beautiful Keynote is a great opportunity to show your ability, so don’t lose it, this template is designed for UX/UI designers specially, it consists of 45 useful unique slides which can mean all your needs, an A4 resume and cover letter are also included, it is useful if you are preparing a job interview.

6. Makenzie – CV Resume Keynote Template

Makenzie – CV Resume Keynote Template, 35 slides

Who wouldn’t be attracted by this purple background? Makenzie is another self introduction template you should consider, it is cute, clean, modern and easy to use, every thing you need is included, about me, personal skills, education, work experience, your client, portfolio, achievement, keep in touch…

7. Resume – Keynote Template

Resume Keynote Template is a business self introduction Keynote template for new employee, with blue color and modern design, it will give your audience a professional and efficient impression. In the upper right corner, the designer has designed a simple navigation that can show the progress of your speech.

8. Vertical A4 Resume Keynote Template

Vertical A4 Resume Keynote Template

Vertical A4 Resume Keynote Template has a professional, ultra-modern and unique design, it is easy to edit, what you need is a Mac. It offers 2 color schema: blue and red, and is perfect for students.

9. Resume Web Developer & UI/UX Designer Keynote

This Keynote template has a modern design to make your presentation visually appealing. It is a perfect presentation for your business project, all elements can be edited easily and there are many unique slides you need.

10 Personas – Personal Resume Presentation Template

Personas – Personal Resume Presentation Template, 40 slides

Personas is not only a resume presentation template for personal, but also can be used for agency, startup, or company profile. It has 40 unique slides, all of them are resizable and editable.

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