Building habits can be hard. Tracking them shouldn’t be.


Auto Habits Notion Template

Auto Habits is a free, single-page template system that enables you to track up to 7 habits in Notion. You can even incorporate Auto Habits into your current dashboard/operating system (the walkthrough inside the template will show you how to do this yourself).

This template requires the most minimal setup possible to start using (explained in the walkthrough inside). Once you follow the two steps to set up, all you have to do is ✓ your habits each day.

No creating entries in databases.

No creating new checklists.

Just mark your habits complete each day—just the way habit tracking should be.

What’s inside?

✓   1 Free, easy-to-use Notion Page
✓   Template Walkthrough & Explanation
✓   Today’s Habits
✓   Monthly Habit Calendar
✓   Effective Habit-Building Tips
✓   Habit Tracking System

FAQ: How to use a Notion Template?

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