Notion Template – Simple Meal Planner 2.0

There are studies that show that people who plan their meals live healthier and less stressful lives (see Ducrot et al. 2017).

There are two main reasons for this:

  1. you have an overview of what you’re eating, so you automatically pay attention to whether you’re getting enough important nutrients. In other words, you have a healthier diet.
  2. we are forced to make a new decision every day about what we should eat. Once we have to make a decision, we are often overwhelmed because we are confronted with ambiguity. One avoids such stress-inducing ambiguity in decision-making by making the decision several days in advance.

The Simple Meal Planner template includes:

  • a weekly view in which you can drag and drop your meals
  • meals database with categories and ingredients linked to shopping list
  • shopping list database linked to meals
  • ressources database
  • wanna try out database