Gsuite is no longer free – Here are the best Free Mail Service for custom domains

Google workspace

As 9to5Google reported, all free GSuite users will be automatically upgraded to a premium plan from May 1. Plans start at $6 /user/month with Business Starter and go up to $18 /user/month. Google will suspend your automatic Workspace subscription/accounts if you do not enter billing details before July 1, 2022.

For bloggers or small-time website owners, Google Gsuite’s free offering was the best choice, they can receive and send mail for zero cost. But now, the free option is no longer available, you have to find other alternative services or choose a Gsuite plan.

Best Free Mail Service for custom domains

Zoho (Up to five users, 5GB/User, 25MB attachment limit)

Zoho’s email service offers a free plan, with limits. It supports up to 5 users, each user has 5GB storage space, attachment limit is 25MB.

Zoho’s email service - Free Mail Service for custom domain
Zoho email service

Cloudflare EMail Routing (Beta)

As one of the biggest CDN network providers, Cloudflare provides email routing service free, it allows users to create custom email addresses for their domains and route incoming emails to their preferred mailbox. If you just want to receive emails don’t need to send emails, you should consider Cloudflare.

Cloudflare EMail Routing Admin dashboard
Cloudflare EMail Routing Admin dashboard

Other Cheap Mail Service for custom domains

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