Notion Health Tracker Template

Notion Health Tracker Template

Notion Health Tracker Template, design by Luisa. It contains 5 unique databases to track your health.

  • Profile and Medical Overview – Designed to be the main page for a medical overview, including diagnoses, family history, allergies, and more!
  • Doctors – A database containing of every physician and specialist, as well as their contact information. Each entry may also contain a list of visits related to that doctor, or a list of tests referred by that doctor.
  • Doctor Visit Log – Will keep track of every appointment. Of course, entries should include the date, prescriptions and other files. As for relations, each visit should also include the doctor that the appointment was with and if there were any tests recommended.
  • Tests – All tests performed. Each should include the date it was done, any relevant files (i.e. results), as well as the doctor that recommended it. Moreover, the doctor visit that the test is relevant to could also be useful — it could be the appointment where the tests were discussed, or the one where the results were discussed.
  • Medical Specialties – Mostly used to track how often one should go get checked. For example, you should see an ophthalmologist every year. This database will consider the frequency you set and whether or not you’re due for a visit.
  • Medication – A list of the medication that is currently relevant to you. Some types of medication can be sporadic, like allergy medication. On another hand, there would also be medication you need to take on a daily basis.

How to use a Notion Template?

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